H-INET Study Day Program 14.9.20



The Syllabus as Framework for Course Development and Transitioning to the CEFR

9:45 – Gather and Zoom (Youtube #1 of the CEFR)

10:00Opening Statements: Dr. Leor Cohen – Why the Syllabus?

10:15First Talk (+ Q&A): Dr. Elisheva Barkon

Planning, designing and writing EPIC/EAP syllabi: Considerations, essentials and recommendations

Implementing the recommendations of the International Committee entails the inclusion of the four skills in planning learning outcomes of EAP/ EPIC programs. The skills and the language (vocabulary and grammar) required for their achievement need to be defined in Pre-basic through Advanced II level syllabi. In turn, aligning course levels with the CEFR will contribute to transparency and international recognition. In this presentation I will summarize the findings of the questionnaire on syllabus design, share observations on essential and recommended components in syllabus templates and discuss the phrasing of learning outcomes. 

11:15 – Break (Youtube #2 of the CEFR)

11:30Second Talk (+ Q&A): How to implement the Syllabus – Penny

The implementation in practice of a CEFR-aligned EAP/EPIC syllabus

In this talk I’ll be looking at various issues to do with how we can use the syllabus, as outlined by Elisheva, in courses.  Specific issues I’ll be dealing with include: monitoring progress; sharing with students; the selection of oral and written texts at different levels; integrating grammar, vocabulary and the four skills; the oral component (especially speaking);  adaptation for different student populations.

12:30 – Break (Youtube on online tool)

12:45 – Small Group Discussions in Breakout Rooms

Focus Question: Keeping in mind this morning’s talks, what do you feel are the challenges (practical and logistic) of transitioning to the CEFR? How would you deal with them? How have you dealt with them already?

Each group will work on their group’s slide and all on a single Google Slide file.

13:15 Panel Discussion: Where do we go from here?

Prof. Penny Ur, Dr. Elisheva Barkon, Dr. Linda Weinberg, Dr. Daniel Portman, Ms. Debbie Lahav

14:00 – End

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