Mission Statement

H-INET is the umbrella association for all English (EFL/EAP) teachers in Higher Education in Israel.

The aims of this association are:

  • To be a professional association to which all English teachers in HE will belong
  • To empower the English teaching community
  • To promote joint research
  • To hold conferences
  • To produce regular newsletters and in the future, a professional refereed journal
  • To deal with academic affairs
  • To become a national lobbying body to represent the teachers and our students and to promote issues for their benefit while challenging issues which may be deleterious
  • To write position papers on issues relating to English language studies
  • To establish SIGs based not on institution type but on professional matters of interest, for example, EMI, ESAP, critical thinking skills, resource development, technology in education, trilingualism, assessment, etc.

All teachers of EFL/EAP in institutions of HE in Israel will automatically become members of this association. Should they not wish to be members, they can choose to opt out and should inform their head of department in the institution where they teach. The EFL/EAP Heads of Departments/Coordinators will provide the list of names to be included in the membership list.

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