2024 International H-INET Conference

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In our collective endeavors to explore diverse pedagogies, we invite contributions to our 7th annual international conference that investigate our role as language professionals in guiding students through the challenges of their interconnected world, cultivating proficient, self-aware communicators.

The English language classroom is a dynamic space for integrated learning. We encourage abstract submission proposing approaches and activities, including the implementation of CEFR, mediation techniques, virtual exchange programs, the harnessing of AI technologies, task-based learning methodologies, and beyond. Your contributions can help position us as language professionals to make language education more pertinent and impactful than ever.

  1. Ethical Issues of AI in EPIC
  2. Teaching EPIC during times of crisis
  3. The Role of English in a Multicultural World
  4. the CEFR for Pedagogical Excellence
  5. Integrating Cultural Realities in Language Pedagogy
  6. Digital and Physical Interconnectivity in Language Education
  7. Enhancing Sensitivity and Self-awareness through Language Instruction
  8. The English Classroom as a Space for Integrative Learning
  9. Task-based Language Learning (TBL)
  10. AI in Enhancing Language Learning
  11. Global Dynamics and the Marketplace of Ideas in Education
  12. Mediation in Language Education
  13. Navigating Pluricultural Realities: Challenges and Opportunities

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