Research Opportunities

The following are available research grants.
Deadlines and Calls for Proposals are listed below each title.

  1. GIF – German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development
    Regular Grant – Guidelines / Call for Proposals
    Young Scientists’ Program – Guidelines / Call for Proposals
    This program is not currently open for submissions. They will reopen in late summer.
    GIF requires one PI from a German Institution and one from an Israeli Institution.
  2. ISF Publication Grants
    Deadline: Currently not open for submission, will reopen in summer 2018
    Amount: up to 50% for publication or 100% for preliminary expenses
    Call for Proposals
  3. ISF Regular Grant
    This program supports basic research proposals in the fields of Exact Sciences and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences. Proposals are awarded on a competitive basis to individual researchers according to the highest standards of scientific excellence, independent of their host institution. This program is the largest and most comprehensive of all of the Israel Science Foundation’s (ISF’s) core activities
    Additional information can be found HERE.
    Deadline: Currently not open for submission, will reopen in late summer 2018.
  4. The Israel Academy of Sciences and HumanitiesThe Fund’s purpose is to further humanities and social sciences research in Israel, by funding seminars, interdisciplinary workshops and grants for bringing renowned scholars from abroad to Israel and for sending young Israeli scholars abroad. For more information, click HERE.
    Interdisciplinary Workshops
    Grants for Distinguished Scholars
    Grants for Young Israeli Scholars
  5. BSF – United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation
    Open to all scientists from Israel and the USA who would like to conduct joint research in a variety of scientific research. Please verify your eligibility before submitting. Read more about the program here. The program works in cycles. You can see what is open for submission this coming year on THIS PAGE. Click on a topic to see the subtopics available. 
    Deadline: Currently not open to submission, will reopen in late summer 2018.
  6. The International Network Programme – an opportunity for initiating new networks and exploring collaboration opportunities in selected partner Countries

    The International Network Programme (INP) is aimed at giving researchers from both the public and the private sector an opportunity to establish networks with researchers from selected countries outside the EU of strategic priority to the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

    The Agency has established the programme with the ambition of increasing the internationalisation of Danish research and the level of cooperation between R&D institutions in Denmark and the selected countries, through projects funded under the Programme.

    Funding is awarded to projects where there is not already an established collaboration between the project partners. The aim of the programme is to give researchers an opportunity to build the foundation for future cooperation and to explore new research partnerships of a potentially high value.
    Please note
    : applications where project partners have previously published and/or carried out research activities together will not be eligible for funding.

    Duration: 2 years

    Amount: Each project can be supported with a maximum amount of up to DKK 200.000 excluding overhead/administration expenses

    Deadline: 16 May 2018

    Call for Proposals

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