Call for Papers

H-INET International Spring Conference

Location: Ruppin Academic Center, Emek Hefer, Israel

March 2, 2020

EPIC at Work: From Theory to Practice

We invite proposals for presentations from teachers and researchers in the field. (No commercial presentations, please.) Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions. The title of your presentation can be up to 10 words; the abstract is limited to 250 words.

To submit your abstract:

Deadline for Abstract Submission: Dec. 31, 2019

Conference Themes:

  • Language support centers
  • Writing programs and support
  • Vocabulary and lexical issues – aligning with the CEFR
  • Internationalization and English as a medium of instruction
  • Innovative technologies
  • Language policy
  • Affective variables in language learning and teaching
  • Testing, evaluation and assessment
  • Teacher development
  • New interdisciplinary courses and English proficiency
  • Classroom initiatives
  • 21st century language learning and global competencies in higher education
  • CEFRizing the curriculum – adapting to the CEFR
  • Professional standards for EPIC teachers
  • Teaching English in flexible classrooms
  • Research directions

For more information, see the conference website:

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